About Broken Bread Club

Necessity Meets Revelation

About Broken Bread Club

Broken Bread Club is the product of a marriage in my heart between necessity and revelation. Necessity – Years of habitually taking notes during my daily Bible study necessitated an outlet to share my unique insights. In the pages of this blog are insights I have received which I am now sharing with patrons of Broken Bread Club. Revelation – The second contributor which is based on a revelation in Luke 19:26 (NLT) is more self-seeking. Acting responsibly, which basically means being productive, with anything God gives you as in the parable of the talents makes you eligible to receive more. On the flip side, being unproductive with what has been given will cause you to lose even that which you had. The master is shrewd; He will demand an account and I cannot be found wanting. Therefore this is how the loop works; I receive, I share, you are blessed, I am productive, I receive even more and I have even more to share. Everybody wins!!

The name, Broken Bread Club is a play on words combining the illustrative representation of the Word of God as bread and the breaking down of the ‘bread’ into bite size portions as I share the revealed truths received. It is a hangout spot for Word lovers. I will often oversimplify texts while extracting insights and make some exegetical connections as well. Wisdom dwells in the right application of knowledge therefore while knowledge in itself is beneficial, the best dividends come with practicing what is known. As I publish these articles, I pray for myself and all readers around the world for grace to do all that is revealed that our profiting may appear to all.

Remember, the responsible thing to do is to share what has been received; therefore I encourage you to act responsibly by sharing the contents of this blog through all media with everyone and anyone. I welcome your feedback as we all have different perspectives and the Word of God is alive and dynamic. Occasionally, I will also share my thoughts on random topics; whatever is nagging at my attention for the season.

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About the Author

‘DEJI OLU-AYENI (AOA) – I am passionate about all-round excellence and my God given mandate of raising a people of purpose¹ walking in the fullness of their identity as Kings² and Priests³ unto God. As a result of this mandate, I have been privileged to minister to diverse groups and write for publications in Nigeria, UK, USA and Canada. I consider myself a career learner and admire certain values in people such as excellence, courage, humility, integrity, loyalty, gratitude, kindness, and diligence but I wouldn’t be so pretentious as to claim these to be my core values. I value relationships above everything else; God, family, covenant relationships, and friends in that order.

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