Seven Reasons Why You Must Be Purpose Driven
February 20, 2015 AOA
In Insights

What is all the hoopla about purpose? Why does it matter if I live a life of purpose and fulfill destiny? What is the worst that can happen? As has been established in previous posts, destiny is the final destination of a purpose-driven life. Purpose is the path that leads to the destination. To fulfill destiny, one must live a life of purpose. That’s all dandy but why must we live purposeful lives?

  • Purpose is why you exist: From the previous post, it is obvious that purpose was established before you were conceived. There was a need that you were designed to meet hence why you are here. In my less than humble opinion, it is the height of tragedies to be born, live for decades and die without knowing why you were born. What then was all the pain and headaches that plague for? Why is it adequate just to have existed and suffered through the vicissitudes of life? It has to count for something. It must matter.
  • God measures success based on purpose: Your God-given purpose being the reason you exist is the baseline against which God measures our success. That is the basis for our performance evaluation. One is only successful in the eyes of God when one walks in purpose and fulfills the purpose for which he was born. Everything else is irrelevant save your good works. Joshua having conquered many nations said, ‘there is still much to be done’ because God measures success based on the predetermined purpose. Many Christians would make it to heaven but would have failed on the earth because they never discovered their purpose.
  • Purpose helps effectiveness: Effectiveness is an outward measurement of achievement. You achieve better results when you operate within your purpose because grace is supplied for that very reason. You can achieve results that are ordinarily difficult or outright impossible because you are functioning under a natural enablement. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to always achieve the desired results in your life? Samson was an effective killing machine because that was his purpose – a deliverer. A car is effective in transporting people but would be very ineffective if used to collect and dispose garbage. Are you by any chance seeing no results because you are outside of purpose?
  • Purpose helps efficiency: Most people confuse effectiveness and efficiency. Efficiency is an inward measurement of the use of resources (time, money, equipment) to accomplish a task while effectiveness is an outward measurement of the completion of the task. Two people tasked with an assignment have been effective when the assignment is done. However, efficiency is in using the least resources to achieve the result. Outside purpose, we spend more and do more to achieve little. A classic example is Jesus who spent just over 33 years on earth and 3 years of active ministry, yet He was able to achieve so much. Grace helps effectiveness and efficiency. Wouldn’t it be a joy to be able to get the most out of your resources?
  • Purpose brings fulfillment: Your purpose brings maximum fulfillment to you because all your strengths, talents and innate desires are being channeled. One of the reasons for a lack of fulfillment, and even worse frustration, of most people is the feeling of being underutilized. In your purpose, you have the perfect avenue to maximize your potential and use all your gifts. It is a round peg in a round hole which requires all your faculties and brings the highest fulfillment.
  • Humanity is blessed by your purpose: Humanity is a beneficiary when we walk in purpose. God has organized the earth to function optimally when all human beings walk in purpose. Your piece to the grand puzzle is missing when you walk out of purpose. We are all stakeholders in each other’s purpose and we are all better off when those around us live a life of purpose. People are less frustrated, everyone adds value and overall, humanity is blessed.
  • You shine in your purpose: Men like Moses, Joshua, David, Samuel, all became superstars, celebrities of their day and heroes of generations unborn because they were in their purpose. Your greatest accomplishments will come under the wings of purpose; your place of highest regard and significance. Bezaleel was purposed to be a craftsman who would build the Ark of the Covenant and tabernacle in Exodus. He was customized for this purpose and he became a national figure on that platform. He could have neglected this purpose and decided he preferred to be a priest like Aaron. He would have turned out like most people do; miserable failures and without place in the history books.

Many dream of greatness because we are designed to but true greatness comes with a life of purpose. Greatness finds you when you walk in purpose. Jesus did say we are the light of the world. Light shines. It is that simple. Light shines. There is an innate desire in every human being to shine. We shine the brightest when we walk the path of purpose. Remember, it is your purpose. Not anyone else’s but yours; it is specific to you and you were custom built for it. Admire and respect others in their areas, but do not aim to do what they do. Do what you are called to do, how you were called to do it, where you were called to do it, and greatness is a virtual certainty. This is good for you. It is good for God, and it is good for the world. Everyone wins. Shalom.