The Extreme Standards Of Destiny

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As I grow in my relationship with God, I gain some insight into His mode of operation. God is actually quite predictable if we get to know Him. He is not a formula but He is predictable. If He weren’t predictable, He couldn’t be trusted. A covenant God must be predictable. Well, that’s not my point for this post. My point is; in my short walk with God, I have come to learn a principle about God that never fails. This principle is that His expectations for us, including our destinies are always well beyond our capabilities.

Everything God would expect of you in life is beyond your natural ability. Your natural ability can take you so far but never to your destiny. Consequently, the just shall live by faith. When the tasks set before you are always so intimidating, the way of faith becomes the way of life. You learn to live day to day trusting God to deliver to you what is set before you. This explains a lot of things. For one, it explains why a Christian cannot get to a point in life when he has no need to pray. It doesn’t matter how far you have gone; you would need God to hit your next mark on the path to destiny.

Every person God tasked in the Bible felt unqualified. There is not one person who could by his power succeed in what God sent Him to do. If your path has never intimidated you, then you are not on the path of destiny. Taking from the most basic expectation God has for us which is holiness, it becomes apparent that we fail hopelessly at this if we attempt to do it with our strength. No amount of self will and determination can keep you righteous yet God demands righteousness hence the necessity for Jesus to bridge the gap between our inadequacies and His expectations.

This would change your life once you walk in the light of it. God has never sent anyone on an assignment that they are qualified to execute. It is just not His style. Your life is an assignment and we have thrashed this subject in the past. You were born for a purpose which God had predetermined and you ought to first discover that purpose and ultimately fulfill it. Destiny is the final destination of a purpose driven life. Jesus would say on the cross, “It is finished”. What is finished? His assignment. No man, not you and not me can fulfill this purpose assigned by God without help from Him.

Even Jesus, God in the flesh had to face that moment of truth at the garden of Gethsemane. The flesh always limits. A bit too complex to articulate effectively in writing but I will try. When Adam sinned, God cursed the man by cursing the ground. As part of God’s redemptive plan, He redeemed the man but not the ground. Therefore our flesh which is dust remains a liability though a necessary requirement to live in this realm. For this reason, every living man, even those who are spiritually regenerated struggle with weaknesses of the flesh and limitations of the flesh. Jesus at the threshold of destiny needed to pray earnestly because His flesh was weak. He confessed that the spirit was willing but His flesh was weak. If Jesus struggled with this, be rest assured that we will too. He had to complete his assignment by entering into a hell of suffering.

Therefore don’t feel special because your dreams are supersized. Every God given dream is. You should however feel good about the fact that you are dreaming on the level God expects you to. One of the signs of an oppressed Christian is the inability to dream on the level of his destiny and of God’s plans. A Christian who has achieved everything thus far without a feeling of insufficiency along the way is not walking the path of destiny. It is a requirement in the pursuit of destiny that one feels insufficient and incapable.

This is the point where faith is introduced. The reality compels us to engage the forces of the Spirit by faith for the fulfillment of destiny. That is why it is impossible to please God without faith. It is implicit in the concept of faith that one have a dream or a hope and needs God to see that hope materialize. A life that takes on what can only be achieved easily is a life void of faith and cannot please God. Faith is a constant part of the life of a just man who walks the path of destiny.

We must not lower the bar to where we are comfortable. To do that is to mortgage destiny and God is not pleased with that. This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Jesus never compromised the agenda of God for His life. We must aim so high that the thought scares us. In career, ministry, business, and in our faith, this must be our reality. In everything we do, our aim must be as high as can be. The idea that a goal must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) has limitations in applicability for Christians. Goals are set by us while dreams are given by God. The achievable and realistic metrics don’t apply to God-given dreams.

In one comic, yet epic episode that turned out to be tragic for the children of Israel, they tried to enter Canaan without God’s backing and were beaten down by their adversaries. Life batters Christians who fail to properly engage faith and all its trappings. Canaan was full of giants and was highly militarized with trained armies and advanced weapons. Canaan was a fortified place. The people were stronger and the land was massive. These were a bunch of recently liberated slaves. It is wild to think they could take possession of the land yet God expected them to do just that. From a purely physical perspective it was a virtual impossibility.

The litmus test is this: If it not indisputably evident to all that where you are today could only have been by the strong hand of God, there is more to be done. I mean it must be without doubt and inarguable. If it can be physically explained and the dots can be connected without the God factor then we have not arrived at the destination yet. We ought to keep moving.

There is much to be achieved. No, you will not stay in Egypt. Neither will you stay at Sinai. You will enter Canaan and not just enter, you shall possess it fully. Though the bar is set so high, you will achieve it with God’s help. He commissioned you therefore He will give the support needed. It is not about you. Well, it is… but not fully. You need to cooperate with God for the fulfillment of destiny. Shalom.