The Ministry Of The Trinity – The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit
March 13, 2015 AOA
In Insights

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. – 1 John 5:7 (KJV)

We established that God is three in one. Many have tried to compare the concept of the trinity with the tripartite nature of man but this might not be a very accurate comparison in my humble opinion. First, the body, soul and spirit of man are often not in agreement while the Trinity is always in perfect agreement. In fact, the spirit and the body are often at war with each other whereas there is perfect harmony between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also, the Father, Son and Spirit have all been from the beginning which has no beginning while the body of a man takes up a short lease on the earth while the spirit exists even after death and the body is no more.

Theologically, we understand that the dispensation of God the Father and the Son have passed and we are currently living in the era of the Holy Spirit. He is the prominent member of the Godhead working on the earth today. Jesus assured His disciples that the Holy Spirit would be sent by the Father to replace Him after He ascended to heaven. His assignment was simply to be to us everything that Jesus was to the them.

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” – 2 Corinthians 13:14 (NLT)

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is fellowship or communion as some translations put it. As previously explained, all members of the Godhead are loving, gracious and share fellowship with us but these unique ministries are manifested stronger in different members. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of grace in Hebrews 10:29 and the fruit of Spirit is love according to Galatians 5:22, however, the Holy Spirit’s primary ministry is that of fellowship.

“Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy…” – Philippians 2:1 (NKJV)

The only way to enjoy the benefits of the Holy Spirit is to understand that He is a person and not a thing and He desires our fellowship. Fellowship or communion with the Holy Spirit means a close intimate relationship. There is a close relationship which God desires with us and it occurs through the Holy Spirit. He is the conduit for our fellowship with God. Two things among many others that happen when we become born again are first, the Holy Spirit begins to indwell us and as a result our fellowship with God is restored. Recall that Adam lost the fellowship and sometime later, Moses began to serve as a mediator between God and the people. On the cross, the veil was torn and we now have access to God for a close and intimate relationship which is made possible through the Holy Spirit.

It would be very difficult to attempt to fellowship with God the Father without the Holy Spirit. Fellowship has been specifically packaged for effectiveness through the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit indwells every believer. He is with us forever and the benefits of His indwelling can only be harvested when we develop a close personal relationship with Him.

Also, prayer is fellowship with God; a two way communication between man and God. The Bible teaches in Romans 8:26 that we are infirmed in this area as we often don’t know how to pray or what to pray however, the Holy Spirit helps this handicap we suffer regarding fellowship.

Basically, the Holy Spirit and the believer should at the very least have the same sort of relationship Jesus had with his three closest associates (Peter, James and John). They were His confidantes and they shared a special bond. They spoke daily and were together all the time. They asked Jesus questions when they couldn’t understand certain things from the Word and they went to Him for help when they were in a pickle. They ate together and prayed together. Theirs was a very close and personal relationship. However, Jesus did not live inside them as the Holy Spirit lives in us therefore we must be closer to the Holy Spirit and by extension to God than they were to Jesus. Jesus did say the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth, bring all things to our remembrance, comfort us, and serve as a helper and teacher.

God in His desire for intimacy with us created a model for the highest and most qualitative form of intimacy; the Holy Spirit in us. Sadly, many Christians fail to recognize the Holy Spirit as a partner and companion, let alone enjoy the benefits of His fellowship. He wants to speak to us, guide and reveal mysteries to us. These mysteries are keys of the kingdom which we need to employ for victorious Christian living. However, without a healthy relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, we cannot maximize His ministry or tap into the wealth of what God has freely given us.

I leave you this week with an action point: consciously develop a close relationship with the Holy Spirit by fellowship. Speak to Him, ask Him questions and worship Him. As you do this, you grow in familiarity and the benefits of this familiarity are endless. Shalom.